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What’s Happening? -The Dumb Moment


From movie: Dumb and Dumber

Do you ever have that dumb moment when you do something so dumb, it baffles you? I had one of those days today. I was clicking and reading through some blogs on WordPress. One page I was reading came with music! I thought, wow, I can do that with my blog! Turns out it was a game I had opened in another tab. There was no music playing on a blog site. What a dumb moment! Do not worry, I am not going to add music to my blog site. I know that is annoying to some folks.


Woodstock 1969

peace-love-musicToday the History Channel Club, posted about this day in 1969 when a huge music festival occurred at Bethel, NY. I love this time in history. It is full of drama. People were focused on civil rights, not only for blacks and other minorities but everyone. The Vietnam War was going on and people were concerned about oppressive and intrusive government. Sound familiar? History repeats it self many times over.

What are your memories from this time period?

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