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History on Saturday: A Few Good History Blogs



Please let me introduce to you some cool blogs that I follow. Not only are they cool, but each blogger has come up with uniquely creative ideas and ways of presenting history.

1. Practically Historical’s Facts in Five. This feature sums up a whole bunch of history in a short amount of reading time. These are fun, interesting and relevant facts. They are also some good jumping points to start some new curious research topics.

2. Stillness of Heart’s Recommended Reading Viewing Listening. This list offers some current or past articles to read that are intellectual in nature. It is also a way for the author to share some of his likes. I find it an easy, quick and curious read.

3. The History as Prologue Google+ is a history and current event discussion group. This blog is an offshoot of Mark’s History as Prologue blog. History as Prologue blog. He offers the “theme of the week” in this group. He bases his topics in history that connect the past to current historical problems for discussion.

4. And my very own History on Saturday feature. Why not? Simply because people look for something interesting to do or read on Saturday.

I like these individual creations within these blogs. I think that blogging is a great platform to share ideas and personal creativity. I look forward to finding more blogs like these.

What’s happening? The Canadian Goose Brigade



This morning, I went for my daily walk. I recently moved to Michigan from North Carolina and staying in temporary quarters until we can find and purchase our dream home. So, as I walked along, exploring my new digs, I came upon the town center. There, I saw for the first time a path that goes along the water and surrounds a park for the city‘s recreational events. The trail is an asphalt top and is parallel to bushes and shrubs that grow magnificently next to a giant water source. It provides a small nature preserve that supports an ecosystem. I decided to avert the trail because I am a wild animal magnet. In the past, I have walked along trails in woods and experienced foxes, deer and wild and feral cats. Looking at the bushes, I figured there probably is an animal around because of the water source. I did not want to have an encounter this morning without a walking stick.

As I walked away from the trail and onto the grassy field next to the path, I saw the Canadian Goose Brigade coming my way. Neck was stretched and curiosity was all over their little faces which were directed at me. I decided to point my GPS away and re-route myself. I did not want to have to challenge them and I did not want them to test me. Because I had wandered into enemy territory, I picked up two small weapon (stones) and armed myself in case their commander insisted a recon of me. As I walked briskly in another direction, I looked over my shoulder and saw the geese heading slowly and calmly toward the water. I was grateful. I did not want to tussle with a Canadian Goose and especially now. There is sure to be a mom and trail of gosling with her and that would be even more dangerous to bring attention to the fact that I am in their environment and they are in mine.

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