I am a very serious person. I like to read books, watch learning channels and look at the world in a serious way. I am not easy going or laid back. I am not meticulous, but I like order, direction and discipline. My husband, of course, is the total opposite. When I met him, I never watched Comedy Central. I rarely even watched a comedy show on TV. I usually watched Lifetime, the History Channel, Discovery, etc. But that changed after I got married. Comedy Central is one of my husband’s favorite and we watch it often.

When the series premiere of Drunk History showed up, both of us rolled our eyes. My husband is not a history buff. But he gets history beat into him on a daily basis. I am always talking about the history while he nods and channel surfs and I am sure, not listening much, except to correct me when I am wrong. Then I am like, “wow, really?”… So we end up watching DH one evening over dinner trays as there was nothing else on at the moment. I found myself mysteriously curious about the show and laughed a little. The next time I laughed a lot. Now it is in my D.V.R. (digital video recorder) to catch each one and here is why:

The show Drunk History is a comical way of narrating the past. It has a little reenactment of a particular story. Now some of them have been told a thousand times or so and are common knowledge. Some are not, and I found I did not even know about them. I do not know about accuracy, which is the historian’s watchword, but I do find them amusing and relevant. Someone has created a way to bring history and comedy together. In doing so they can reach an audience of people who might otherwise find history boring, even a bit snobbish. I find more and more people doing this. They bring history together with other topics to make history interesting. It is good for the field. It is also good for historians to let their hair down and enjoy something funny, some entertainment for a change. Even historians can get fatigued in the study.

Some of my history peeps do not like the show. I am not particularly fond of the drinking part as I am not really a drinker. One thing my husband taught me years ago, it was that I should not be too serious. For that, I am grateful. I have added comedy into my daily digest and I am a happier person. I laugh a lot. I find humor in everyday life, and it makes my step a little lighter. Like I said, I do not know the accuracy of the shows. I tend not to use Hollywood for my history books. It often sparks curiosity, and that takes me on a journey to the paper volumes. Hey, books are making a comeback. Perhaps, history and other flavors added in are a contributor of this.