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History on Saturday: A Few Good History Blogs



Please let me introduce to you some cool blogs that I follow. Not only are they cool, but each blogger has come up with uniquely creative ideas and ways of presenting history.

1. Practically Historical’s Facts in Five. This feature sums up a whole bunch of history in a short amount of reading time. These are fun, interesting and relevant facts. They are also some good jumping points to start some new curious research topics.

2. Stillness of Heart’s Recommended Reading Viewing Listening. This list offers some current or past articles to read that are intellectual in nature. It is also a way for the author to share some of his likes. I find it an easy, quick and curious read.

3. The History as Prologue Google+ is a history and current event discussion group. This blog is an offshoot of Mark’s History as Prologue blog. History as Prologue blog. He offers the “theme of the week” in this group. He bases his topics in history that connect the past to current historical problems for discussion.

4. And my very own History on Saturday feature. Why not? Simply because people look for something interesting to do or read on Saturday.

I like these individual creations within these blogs. I think that blogging is a great platform to share ideas and personal creativity. I look forward to finding more blogs like these.

Finding Ideas for Historical Writing



First, a blog update:

I have not written much on my blog since it was introduced in 2012. One reason for this is because since that time I re-enrolled in school. So, my time has been critical and management a top priority. Another reason is due to writer’s block and writer fatigue. I have had to write so much in class that my mind gets clogged with information overload. I sit at the PC wanting to blog something, but my creative juices just will not flow.

To get out of the funk, I do follow a number of other blogs, and they all inspired me to keep the faith and keep pushing on. They inspired me to keep going on with my studies in class and to continue publishing a blog post once in a while. It is OK if I do not blog every day or every month. A blog is something I can come back to when the time and space are right. While searching for something to write about, finding historical topics to blog about, I found is a good place to start back up with.

from my library


I usually find ideas for my blog by reading books. I find little known tidbits of history in them, and the light goes off in my head, and I think I could write a blog about it. But when I am up to my eyeballs in class stuff, reading for leisure gets swept to the wayside. Recently I sat down and thought up a few ideas for finding history topics. It has always been a problem for me. What to write about. I don’t want to get too broad with a subject because then the job gets too big to handle. I don’t want it to be too narrow because then I can’t find anything relevant to add to the discussion. Whatever I set about to write, reading other books by other historians or non-historians always gives me ideas for blogging.

History tv
some found here


I recently listened to the American Historical Association president talk about historians moving to a global approach with historical interpretation and this got me thinking. I should do a global historical topic. I should do something that tie in two or three countries over a particular topic. I can keep it simple by finding just find one common theme and blog about it.



Other bloggers

Some fellow bloggers are busy in school as well, or they are in a block of their own kind. In that instance, some of them only post a picture to write about and add a few lines. This is great because it stimulates the reader’s imagination and allows them to ask questions. Others might blog about current issues like global conflicts or global economic issues that affect us nationally. Others break their topics down so much and only blog about one thing. This is cool because the narrower a topic is the more the reader is able to question the information and this lead to sleuthing for more information on a topic.


Creating ideas

With history, the possibilities are endless. We just have to broaden our thinking and get creative with it and see what opportunities arise from the thoughts we create and share.




History on Saturday: Google Blogger



I love blogs and blogging. I stared years ago to experiment with it on Yahoo’s 360 platform. I went out and found interesting history places to visit or events I found interesting and wrote a little bit about it. I blogged about my feelings about some current events and shared cools stuff I found around the internet. I soon found out I was not a lonely soul on a deserted island, there actually were other history buffs out there that enjoyed my posts about history and other nuts and bolts. Well as all good things must come to an end so, did Yahoo’s 360.  I moved on to bigger and better things.




I pretty much forgot about until I was about a year and a half from retiring from the US Army and looked for some things to do after retirement. I did not know what I wanted to do. I saw others before me do many different things. Some who had retired before me moved into a fabulous new career with upward mobility, trading in their uniforms and boots for a suit and tie. Others bought a house with a huge property and built a ten foot wall around them. Others started a family at 40! I figured if I shot for at least three choices of the next step in my career path, one would happen. I wanted a new job. Something in either the history field, in logistics, or a new unexpected opportunity. Which one I applied to and received first would be my new career path. Well from the time I began my retirement processes to when I actually retired the history jobs dried up like a drought after a rain. So I pursued logistics or whatever I could get to bring money into the house. I soon landed a job in logistics-though, not near what I am actually qualified to do, but rewarding and good enough for now. I also found from listening to a forum poster that I should do what I love, which is history, even though it may be a slow process to get an opportunity to get paid at it. So the blogging idea came to mind once again.




Now fast forward to the present, things have changed and still are. I am in graduate studies at Norwich University, which is awesome. So I have my brain power being tested weekly by the enormous amount of work being a college student goes into. Much more than undergrad or community college was for me. So it gets hard to keep a regularly scheduled blog. It gets even harder sometimes-to find something to blog about. Which brings me to the subject of today’s History on Saturday-Google Blogger.




I was reading a blog posted by a class peer, to understand the historian we are reading about in class this week, and found that by clicking the Next Blog button on top of the page, it leads you to other history blogs. Cool. Some of these blogs are so creative its mind boggling. It gives me plenty of creative ideas for my own blog. But I digress. If you get tired or bored with the history blogs, keep clicking. It takes you to other blogs and you find blogs of all kinds and ideas. People literally blog about EVERYTHING. It is great. Only drawback is your bookmark folder will get full, and your PC will start smoking with all the mad save-till- later reading you will create. But digital hoarding is another topic blogged about by Stillwater Historians.

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