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What’s Happening? -The Dumb Moment


From movie: Dumb and Dumber

Do you ever have that dumb moment when you do something so dumb, it baffles you? I had one of those days today. I was clicking and reading through some blogs on WordPress. One page I was reading came with music! I thought, wow, I can do that with my blog! Turns out it was a game I had opened in another tab. There was no music playing on a blog site. What a dumb moment! Do not worry, I am not going to add music to my blog site. I know that is annoying to some folks.


What’s happening? The Canadian Goose Brigade



This morning, I went for my daily walk. I recently moved to Michigan from North Carolina and staying in temporary quarters until we can find and purchase our dream home. So, as I walked along, exploring my new digs, I came upon the town center. There, I saw for the first time a path that goes along the water and surrounds a park for the city‘s recreational events. The trail is an asphalt top and is parallel to bushes and shrubs that grow magnificently next to a giant water source. It provides a small nature preserve that supports an ecosystem. I decided to avert the trail because I am a wild animal magnet. In the past, I have walked along trails in woods and experienced foxes, deer and wild and feral cats. Looking at the bushes, I figured there probably is an animal around because of the water source. I did not want to have an encounter this morning without a walking stick.

As I walked away from the trail and onto the grassy field next to the path, I saw the Canadian Goose Brigade coming my way. Neck was stretched and curiosity was all over their little faces which were directed at me. I decided to point my GPS away and re-route myself. I did not want to have to challenge them and I did not want them to test me. Because I had wandered into enemy territory, I picked up two small weapon (stones) and armed myself in case their commander insisted a recon of me. As I walked briskly in another direction, I looked over my shoulder and saw the geese heading slowly and calmly toward the water. I was grateful. I did not want to tussle with a Canadian Goose and especially now. There is sure to be a mom and trail of gosling with her and that would be even more dangerous to bring attention to the fact that I am in their environment and they are in mine.

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