Hi, I am Tammy. I am US Army retired and just embarking on the next chapter of my life. I am currently working on various retirement projects such as working on my scrapbook and vegetable garden. I enjoy lounging on my back porch listening to the sounds of nature.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain and share my love for history with others. I am always reading books, articles, websites…searching for knowledge. In my readings, I find a gold mine of information and tidbits that lead my curiosity on quests to find out more.

Lastly, I would wish that my blog will lead others on their quests to discover history topics and find more about them. I hope that it will inspire discussions and even lead to other blogs or future bloggers. Contrary to popular belief, there are not enough bloggers out there for history lovers. Blogging about history is relevant in today’s busy world, where people enjoy information brought to them at the click of a mouse, and it is convenient to share with others on social platforms.


*Front Cover is a photo of a view the Flat River in Western Michigan


Currently researching Belding, Ionia County, Michigan History. I also enjoy many other subjects, including Black/African American subjects. I volunteer in Grand Rapids and Belding. Studying history of Sault Ste. Marie Rudell Drug store. Research topic in Belding is: How did the changes in business/manufacturing in Belding from 1838 to present affect residents economically and socially. At stage one-getting background history of state for larger picture of Belding to contact Researching/writing tour guide for Pre-K through 12 at Belding museum for tours I volunteer to do.

Feel free to contact me at tflautern@hotmail.com