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History On Saturday

Saturdays are a great time to gather the family up, bring a group, go on a date or venture out alone and visit webs and real-time historical sites. Today’s feature is:

The Pilgrim Hall Museum

The Pilgrim Hall Museum is a fascinating place to visit. The museum offers a way for visitors to learn about folks who immigrated to a new land to start a new life. We watch shows on TV today about going to new places to start a new life such the as survivor shows. These early Americans were not just trying to prove they could survive but to begin anew, build community, raise families and form government. In the Pilgrim Museum, you can see artifacts that early Americans brought with them on the Mayflower. You can also meet Native Americans that helped our first pioneers and the relationships they formed.

Visit, browse, and check out the gift shop which has books to further explore artifacts and the topics presented. View the online exhibits and escape to time in the past and see how it relates to our modern time.

The Pilgrim Museum homepage and online exhibits:

The gift shop:

Happy History on Saturday!