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August 2014

History on Saturday: Ionia County, Michigan and the Depression Era

A fellow history enthusiast posted a link to a Depression Era digitized photo collection presented by Yale on the Google+ community History as Prologue. He encouraged us to look at the site and see what we could find in our community. What a great idea! History as a big picture is great, and that picture always leads back to the very spot we are at at any given time or place. Local history is ripe for exploration, and it connects us all and leads to an understanding of our origins and how the past has led us to where we are now. We can then take that information and compare it to our own current time and this helps us make decisions about where we want to go in our future.

Farmhouse. Ionia County, Michigan, August 1941 Photo Credit, Yale, John Vachon

I decided to explore and see what I could find. As I searched the interactive map I found Ionia County, which is the closest to my current location of Belding, Michigan, also in the same county. I found one photo. It is a small blip on a large radar, but it is a start. It shows a farm house and field. It is not much different to the way the county looks now. This photo is important because it gives insight into the people who lived here during the Depression Era and how they attempted to survive economic hard times in the aftermath of a world war. Perhaps, these folks just continued on as normal. Maybe they established the property or inherited it down from family. Many more curiosities can lead from this point. Hopefully, this collection will expand to bring a clearer focus of the people and their lives in Ionia County during the Depression.

For further reading and interest of Belding and Ionia County see:

City of Belding, Michigan

Images of America: Belding (2014) by local author, Cindy M. Hughes

History of Ionia County Michigan: Her People, Industries and Institutions (1916) by Rev. E.E. Branch

Good Rockin

A short History On Saturday and gardening! This blog post offers a joyful blend of Day Lilly, music and history.

a north east ohio garden

another daylily named for jazz music.  Good Rockin Tonight.  i guess i should stop right there.  and let the picture talk for itself.  we will try not to trample it with too much detail.  the music is by Roy Brown and the year 1947.  the flower is by Dan Bachman and the year it started playing was 2009.  it is an 8 inch flower 20.5 cm on a 41 inch scape 104 cm.  i hope you enjoy it.  two images.  oh and it is a late season bloomer that will be making music in the garden for a while yet.

good rockin tonight macrogood rockin tonight det

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