Browsing for a topic for today’s History on Saturday I found a nifty innovative way Washington State’s Historical Society works to encourage youth to embrace the history profession. It is not only to recruit but can be fun for the family to be involved in a unifying project where everyone can participate. Let me explain.


First, students can engage with tools the society sets up for classroom or even home schooled activities where kids can research, compile and present their topic on a history theme given by the society. Once chosen they compete with peers for a prestigious award.


Second, they have “history boxes”, which has tools teachers can use in their own classrooms to tweak and provide educational support for students. This not only encourages an interest in history but builds life skills, such as confidence, leadership, and professionalism they can use in their future for any profession.


Thirdly, they accept volunteers in the program where professional historians can judge the projects but also mentor young folks. Volunteers can also be someone within the student’s family to participate as a group endeavor.


I think this is an amazing thing these folks have set up and I want to get the word out about this program. I may volunteer in the future if I am able. I would love to meet up and coming history buffs and enthusiasts. Sharing ideas and interpretations make the history world go round, and the possibilities are endless.

What do you think?