Strikes, Ladies Tailors, N.Y., Feb. 1910
Someone posted an interesting blog a few days ago. In the discussion the question was posed: what era of history would you travel back to if you could and why?

I have often thought about time travel. I do not know if it is something for me or not. When I visit museums I feel like I have traveled back in time. The artifacts and displays bring the past to life for me as I imagine what it must have been like. Now that I have been trained to really study history professionally it seems a bit different. There are so many questions and so much information to consider it seems impossible to really know what it was like. I like diaries and memoirs because they offer an idea about what the atmosphere was like. Still, it is only one point of view and how accurate is it really?

The blog article was great and a good one to follow with many more interesting topics. I love to read labor history. What is even greater about it is the fact it fits into a huge puzzle and when more pieces are added it makes sense and really comes to life. I always end up coming back to it again and again in my readings. I am definitely drawn to the 1800-1900s. I definitely would like to travel back to this time.

What era would you like to travel back to?