Belding Biographies: Alvah N. Belding (1802-1925)

A new series previewing biographies of prominent and popular residents of Belding’s past. He was the youngest of four brothers. As a teen, Alvah worked at neighboring farms to earn money. There he earned 12.5 cents per day. Wanting to advance his earnings, he started working for W.W. Root & Brothers in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, selling … More Belding Biographies: Alvah N. Belding (1802-1925)

The election of 1876

The election of 1876 would prove to be the closest in US history. Rutherford B. Hayes (Republican) and Samuel J. Tilden (Democrat) were both known for their stout integrity and opposition to political corruption. On the night of the election, Hayes went to bed early because he realized he would not win the election. But … More The election of 1876

Evolution of US Military Rifles

Notes from a round table I attended at the Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex in 2000. Before 1794 colonists’ used British weapons because they brought their standard issue with them. French allied with colonists and gave them their rifle. 1794 US called for arsenals to store weapons. 1795 US cloned … More Evolution of US Military Rifles

River Ridge Cemetery

River Ridge Cemetery, located 1.4 miles north of Belding, Michigan, was formed on November 27, 1905, by the newly formed cemetery association. The group met at John Cooper’s home to discuss plans. The wanted to build the cemetery for the community of Belding. In April of 1906, they officially met to organize and find ways … More River Ridge Cemetery


In 1836, George W Dickinson erected a sawmill near a creek, later named after him. Michigan was not a state yet because it needed a certain amount of settlers to live in the territory. Michigan was short these numbers. Advertisements went up all over New York to entice folks to relocate to Michigan to boost … More Kiddville